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13 million households in the UK have hard water supplies. Without a solution to this ineffeciencies are caused to heating & cleaning appliances as well as issues caused to plumbing systems.

cost effective

As an investment, using a water softener, supplied by us will absolutely save you time, money and hassle from the damage caused by limescale in hard water.

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Using our recommended Kinetico or TwinTec water softeners, reliability and dependability is standard.

If you have limescale, you have hard water. Mineral deposits can form on tea kettles and coffee pots. This clogs your plumbing so much that your house is actually less effective at passing water through the pipes; leading to defective plumbing.

Hard water can actually cause itchy, dry skin and hair because there’s so much extra calcium and magnesium salts floating around in your water. Soap and shampoo can only prevent this to a certain extent.

WHY do i need a water softener?

Noticing that your clothes and bedsheets now look faded is a sign of hard water. They may feel scratchy and be hard to wash because there is so much extra mineral substance (limescale) contained in your water.

Any stains left behind from mineral residue are a sign of hard water. These stains form when tap water evaporates, leaving behind calcium and magnesium.

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